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We are located at the corner of Main Ave. and Union Ave. in Clifton. Parking is available behind the building off Union Ave. or on the streets.

From the South (Essex Bellville Nutley the Oranges Newark)

  1. Garden State Parkway (GSP). Take GSP North to Exit 154 - Clifton/Route 46 East. Follow Route 46 East to third light and bear right at Main Ave. / Piaget Ave. exit. Travel on Piaget Ave. to second traffic light. Turn right on Main Ave. Look for us after two traffic lights on the right side of the street across from PNC Bank.


  1. Route 21 North to Exit 11B State Street. Straight on State Street for about 11 traffic lights. Road becomes Lexington Ave. Left on Clifton Ave. Travel two lights and make a right turn onto Main Ave. Travel two more lights and look for us on the left side across from PNC Bank.

From the East (South Bergen Lyndhurst Rutherford Secaucus Hudson County)

  1. Route 3 West to Garden State Parkway North. Follow #1 directions above.


  1. Route 4 West to Garden State Parkway South. Follow #5 directions below.

From the North (Ridgewood Paramus - Bergen County)

  1. Garden State Parkway South to Exit 157 Garfield/Route 46 West. Stay in right lane for 46 West and Route 21 South. Around loop to Route 21 South. Exit #14 Lexington Ave. Turn right at second light onto Piaget Ave. Turn left at light onto Main Ave. Look for us after two traffic lights on the right side of the street after Dunkin Donuts.

From Paterson, New Jersey

  1. Take Main Ave. in Paterson south towards Clifton. We are located on the right side of the street three lights past Corrados.

From the West (Morristown Wayne - Paterson)

  1. Route 80 East to Route 19 (Clifton) exit. Pass Broad Street and take jughandle to route 46 East. Follow Route 46 East to third light and bear right at Main Ave. / Piaget Ave. exit. Travel on Piaget Ave. to second traffic light. Turn right on Main Ave. Look for us after two traffic lights on the right side of the street after Dunkin Donuts.

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